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13. July 2017 11:24
by Admin

Is the human race doomed to stay at the top of the endangered species listing?

13. July 2017 11:24 by Admin | 0 Comments

We all know we can’t change the past, however we should learn from it! Periodically, we need to take stock and reflect on the lessons learn't by the past, I believe that this is just such a moment. Its my hope that what you are about to view may re-waken our ability to rekindle a renewed optimism for the future health and wellbeing of our human race!

On occasions, we need to be brutally honest about what’s going on in our world, daring to ask uncomfortable questions about the role of some of the big multi-nationals and there unwholesome relationship with the establishment and our scientific communities, even if we are currently profiting from it. Almost daily we are reminded in the media about their boundless ability to flout our taxation rules, employment rights etc, if only it stopped there!

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Its concerning to note that these large multi-nationals seem to have turned their attention to the alternative medicine movement, starting by changing its very identity, from the alternative medicine movement to the less contentious terms of complementary or even integrated medicine.  This often comes with the view that disease is enviable, as its all predestine by our genes, which I and many other naturopaths see as a fallacy, we should resist this external interference to our professions core beliefs at all cost.  

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