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23. June 2017 15:59
by Admin

What makes a treatment truly naturopathic?

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These days the term naturopathic is bounded around by a wide range of health providers who want to associate their activities with an ability to work with natural rhythms that influence our bodies, for example the circadian rhythm, in a non-suppressive manner. Yet on closer inspection, we have to ask how many really live up to this esteemed label?

An example of this quandary is the controversial question; does our diet effect our health and do we need to supplement this diet?

The trouble with trying to answer these questions is that we assume there’s a simple yes or no answer, when the truth is a little more complicated.

To help us get into the subject deeper we need to revisit the great debate that took place between Antoine Béchamp and Louis Pasteur in the mid 1850’s. In this debate Antoine Béchamp demonstrated his theory that all disease comes from within and it’s our internal environmental changes that brings about the opportunity for disease (dis-ease) to progress, leaving the responsibility for our health entirely in our own hands, the science of epigenetics supports this theory further, while also challenging the gene theory. In contrast Louis Pasteur believed that all disease comes from an external invasion (the germ theory) and therefore these invasions should be simply eradicated, which often leads to rapid, sometimes impressive responses from the body, yet this approach also has the potential to weaken our natural immune reactions in the future. Orthodox gene theory, has the advantage of removing any self-responsibility for an individual’s health issues, as it suggests our destiny is already mapped out for us from birth, so simply sit back and enjoy the ride, none of this is your fault!

History shows that Louis Pasteur won the day and the support of big pharma who took his theory and created a multibillion pound industry based on this view. However, this view can never really sat comfortably with any traditionally trained naturopath, who by their very definition embrace the Béchamp theory of disease development and there are suggestions that this didn’t sit well with Pasteur at the end too “On his deathbed Louis Pasteur said "Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything."

If the answer is within us, how can we monitor and influence the progression of disease?

Naturopaths should follow the principles of Herings Law of Cure, which clearly demonstrates that to truly rid the body of toxicity (dis-ease or inflammation) illness must be seen to leave the body from the top to the bottom, from the greater organs to the lesser organs and in the reverse order in which they manifested. Therefore if a disease state suddenly disappears we should ask how it happened and where has it gone, more often it’s sent deeper into the cellular levels of the body.

These days nutritionists are all too often being attracted by pseudo medical tests, rather than relying on naturopathic observation, often leading to expensive recommendations that need constant tinkering, rather than addressing the problem that’s staring them in the face, open up the points of elimination, remove the toxins and the disease picture will reseed, as it did for the well-documented naturopath Professor Arnold Ehret”, who believed all disease was fundamentally down to consumption.

So how do we see disease?                                                                                  

Disease (disease) inflammation has several levels of manifestation:

Healthy / Dehydrated (creating stress) / Stagnation / Acute Inflammation / Chronic Inflammation / Isolation

As the toxins build up and become more challenging in their nature the cells start to change, through the 16 levels of cellular change outlined by Heinrich Kremer, from healthy “aerobic” cells (80% oxygen – 20% glucose), that can capture and hold light effectively, to the other extreme of the spectrum “anaerobic” cells that are (80% glucose and 20% oxygen) and are far less effective at converting light into energy, to produce ATP, (as low as 1;16th as effective) which is essential for healthy respiratory function.

Therefore the key question before recommending any nutritional regime or food supplement should be what environment is it going into?

The key question to address with the test tube theory:

#1        How well can they convert light into energy? (Respiratory function)

#2        What is the pH of body?

#3        How hydrated and stagnate are they? (Inflammation)

#4        What’s their core body temperature?

So when assessing a client, we first need a reliable system in which to evaluate a client’s level of disease manifestation.

This is where “The Wren gauge of the SIX stages of disease manifestation” comes in.  This simple to follow chart graphically demonstrates an easy to follow method of identifying which organs or points of elimination need to be stimulated in order to achieve an effective route back to good health, in accordance with the principles of Herings Law of cure.  A great guide for all practitioners and their clients.   The good news is that this chart will soon be available, to receive your free copy, simple register your interest in receiving communications from and we will send you a copy as soon as its available!

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