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19. June 2017 12:04
by Admin

What is every cell in your body telling you?

19. June 2017 12:04 by Admin | 0 Comments

The original naturopathic health providers believed that a disease state was simply a statement of where that person was at any one given moment, not a life sentence.

Historically naturopaths were trained that most disease is reversible and then empowered with the tools to plot the progression of a disease state, in accordance with principles of Herings law of cure, which clearly demonstrates that to truly rid the body of toxicity (dis-ease or inflammation) illness must be seen to leave the body from the inside out, from the top down and in the reverse order to which it appeared, always leaving via the larger organs first.  Yet sadly much of this essential understanding of how to eliminate disease has been removed from our nutritional training programs these days.

Many traditionally trained naturopaths believe in Antoine Béchamp theory of disease, in simple terms that illness is created from within us, and is influenced by our inner cellular environment, not as Louis Pasteur and orthodox medicine would have us believe it to be a simple invasion of bacterial from external sources.

Epigenetics is an amazing new science that clearly establishes that we do not have to be a victim of our genes.  This innovate science clearly demonstrates that our DNA is not the Holy Grail that defines our destiny while we inhabit mother earth, it’s simply the reproductive part of our cell. Whereas it’s the cell membrane (the clues in the name) that is constantly evaluating external cellular conditions, putting into action the much needed process to enable us to evolve successfully into our ever changing environments. 

This research becomes more important to understand as a small number of nutritionist align themselves with orthodox approaches, viewing disease as an external invasion that should be diagnosed through pseudo medical tests and supressed by a range of ever more invasive nutrients, designed to trigger different reactions within the body, often resulting in responses beyond our understanding or compression.  Often leaving consumers reliant on an ever increasing number of nutrients, while feeling powerless to understand or believe in a process that could reverses the progression of their disease.

The importance of empowering our clients with a positive mental outlook is so often over looked by practitioners these days, yet it’s vital to the very belief processes we need to engage with to bring about a positive cellular healing opportunity, even the pharmaceutical companies are finding it hard to grapple with the ever increasing positive results demonstrated by the placebo effect in trials, surely it’s time to embrace our energetic being?  

These points suggest that we really do instinctively know what’s right for us in every cell of our bodies, we just need to listen!    In reality all we need to do is to take care of our inner environment, aided by some simple fluid and electrolyte re-balancing and our bodies can take care of the rest of the healing process for us.

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